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Monica (@_fitfoodfitbody_) is the creator of the Fit Body Travel Pack. She has been a model for Chadwick for the past 14 years, Jaggad the label ambassador and the face of Pink Lady across the World. Now a full time mobile personal trainer working with women in their own home for the past three years, Monica has a back to back schedule filled with clients and some of which include Rebecca Judd.

Although her training sessions are not limited to (she does have some Male clients along with training couples), being a Mother of two herself has seen other Mums naturally gravitate towards Monica for their post pregnancy and weekly workout sessions. Her mobile service enables busy women to exercise in the comfort of their own space even with bubs by their side.

A combination of her thriving business and not being a huge fan of training within a gym herself, inspired her to create an on the go fitness pack that is accessible to anyone and everyone. Her Fit Body Travel Packs are designed for people who would like to keep fit and healthy, though may not have the time or resources to train at a gym / with a personal trainer. This compact ‘workout kit’ weighs less than 1kg and fits neatly into it’s lightweight, waterproof bag, so portable you can pop it in your hand bag, nappy bag or even your carry on. The pack contains core sliders, two booty bands, one long resistance band, skipping rope and an exercise guide to get you started. Free workout videos are uploaded weekly onto her Instagram page @fitbodytravelpack.

Even though Monica’s growing business keeps her very busy, she still finds time to be involved in some amazing projects such as ‘Nurture Her 2018’. She recently ran workout and wellness sessions alongside Libby Babet (Trainer for Channel Ten’s – The biggest Loser Transformed) at a Women only business retreat in October located in Fiji. Monica and Libby created morning workout sessions incorporating equipment from her travel packs for 160 delegates who attended the wellness and networking bization.

As her flourishing business continues to grow, Monica is currently in the process of curating some of her own exciting fitness and wellness events. If you would like to stay up to date, please head to our website or Instagram for all related info! @fitbodytravelpacks

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How to Relieve Mental and Physical Stress 0 4

We are all stressed out because of many different reasons. Almost every person today including children experience some level of stress on certain aspects. It is important that you take the time and the right measures needed in order to relieve this stress that gets built up in your system be it physical or mental. Carrying a lot of stress with you will only cause you to fall sick and feel depressed a lot of the time. So here are some ways in which you can reduce the level of stress in your life.

Take Time for Yourself

You should definitely have time that you dedicate only for yourself and for your benefit. You should not think of it as wasting time even if all your really do is just fall asleep during that time. If you are falling asleep it is perhaps what your body needs and it is your body’s way of telling you that. You could also go for a massage pakenham or any other location that you are living in. Physical therapies such as these have a very positive effect on both your mind and your soul and help you to reduce your level of stress. If you keep doing this once a month or so you will definitely start to feel the improvement in your health and in your general outlook towards life.


Stay Active As Much As You Can

You should never fall into a completely sedentary lifestyle. Not only is it unhealthy, it will also increase the levels of stress that you have by locking you into a feeling of being imprisoned in your own self. When you stay active be it through exercise or by doing something that you enjoy, you will not only stay fit but you will also be constantly in a feel good state of mind and a positive outlook. Exercise and activity release endorphins in our system that will take away all feelings of stress and depression. Do not get used to a routine where you are going to work, coming home, eating, watching television and sleeping.

Eat Well

You should not starve yourself with the aim of losing weight. There are healthy ways in which you can lose weight and depriving yourself of food is not something that can be included in that list. When you starve yourself or keep consuming food and drinks that are harmful to your system, you will have a higher risk of getting stress and anxiety. Things like too much alcohol, nicotine, and other substances will do this to you along with unnecessary amounts of junk food and the likes. Eat things that are good for your system always and try to eat the recommended daily dose of food items.

Sleep Well

Sleep is another factor that has to do with stress. If you are stressed it could be because you are pushing your body without giving it proper rest. Adults are required to sleep at least 8 hours a day so make sure that you give yourself that. Sleeping during the daytime is not really healthy either unless it is just a quick power nap only. You can use soothing music such as meditation music to fall asleep better –

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“Nest 2 Me” The Best Baby Carriers In Australia 0 21

Usually there are a lot baby-related-accessories which are not necessary but baby carrier is only one option which is need of every parent & only that parents know the importance of baby carrier who are using this. When we talk about baby carrier, safety & comfort is high priority which we are providing in our product because we are following international standards & your body will never get tired while using our baby carriers. We offer a huge variety of baby carriers in Australia & offering best baby carriers in Australia in different styles, sizes & prices with different colours and prints. Our price is cheap & not any competitor can beat our price in market.

Baby carriers are not just a way to taking your children outside but it’s also life guard for your babies at home because while keeping your baby safe your hands are free. While using our carriers your baby will not get any injury because our product made of heavy duty, comfort and well-wearing material. The variety of baby carriers on our website is MIND-BLOWING and you will amaze once you will see our variety.

Our baby carriers are best option for Mums and Dads. A best baby carrier always keep your hands free between you & your little one and you can do many other task like using mobile phone or you can do your task as normal human being. We are providing baby carrier on cheap price in market but our baby carrier has good quality, our customers always give us 5 star rating & refer us to their family and friends. Our baby carriers are comfort, supportive, easy to use, easy to clean, fit, flexible & durable. If baby carriers for your baby is comfort and supportive it gives you high satisfaction because it allow you to keep an eye on your baby all time.

Before buying baby carrier make sure your baby size and weight, our expert will help you to select suitable baby carrier for your baby. Our baby carriers have sufficient depth and support & easy to put in and put off so parents don’t need any specific training because our baby carriers are easy to use. Our aim is to provide best baby carriers in Australia and solutions to parents to do their daily routine work while carrying their babies.


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